PHOTOS: Third annual Jane’s Walk on Stittsville Main Street

(Photos by Barry Gray)

Third time’s a charm.

After a first try in 2016 that was partly drowned out by a passing motorcycle parade and a second shot that was drowned by a very rainy day, the third annual Stittsville Jane’s Walk on Saturday may have had the best turnout yet.

Jane’s Walks are named after author and urbanist Jane Jacobs. Her book The Death and LIfe of Great American Cities was published in 1961 and continues to influence urban planning ideas.

Unlike the previous two, we also heard from some special guests. With more than two dozen participants (probably more; I didn’t count!) packed inside the lower level of the Legion Hall, executives Judy Campbell and Sue McCormick discussed the plans to tear down the ageing building — it was constructed in the ’30s — and replace it with a new, modern facility.

Then over to Ivan’s Deli, where Ivan Saric spoke for a bit about the importance of having vibrant business along our main street: “People should be able to find everything on main street… all the more, all the better.”

Ivan Saric, back, with Glen Gower, who led the Jane’s Walk.

Similar thoughts were expressed by Kevin Conway of the Jack Ketch restaurant and Rick Tremblay, a manager of Quitter’s.

“A lot of people are very happy with the amenities we have along Hazeldean Road,” Tremblay said. But at the same time, they’re looking for the kind of feel that only a strong traditional main street can provide, he said.

The general theme of the walk was that Stittsville Main Street is coming along to that kind of vibrancy but in order to become a destination, there should be a greater quantity and variety of businesses along it.

The Jane’s Walk was led by Glen Gower, who happens to be running for city council but did not mention this during the event. During the campaign, he has stepped away from operation of


Rick Tremblay, holding the microphone, speaks in the lot behind Quitter’s.
Kevin Conway of the Jack Ketch speaks from the porch of the historic Green’s Hotel.

Correction May 9: An earlier version designated Rick Tremblay as a Quitters co-owner. He is a manager.


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