Piano students win top honours

(Christian and Catharina Lamb. Photo: Betty Harris)

Under the tutelage of Betty Harris, a Stittsville piano teacher, Christian Lamb and his sister Catharina Lamb have come home from the Renfrew Rotary Music Festival rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

At the Festival held April 23-25, Christian entered four piano categories and was awarded four 1st place ribbons for piano performances. Catharina, his sister, also entered four categories and earned three 1st place finishes and a 2nd place finish. This is no easy feat earning these awards — stringent guidelines must be followed. No sheet music can be used during the performance or points are deducted; the same piece of music cannot be repeated in any of the categories each student enters; and, the students must learn a new piece of music within a 48-hour period that is provided by the music festival committee. To earn a 1st place finish, a mark of 80% or more must be attained.

Catharina received the award for achieving the highest mark in the Junior Contemporary Piano class while Christian received his awards for achieving the highest mark in the Junior Concert Group as well as being the Most Promising Junior Piano Student.

This Spring was especially rewarding for Christian who was also recognized by the Eastern Ontario Friends of Conservatory Canada (EOFCC) with a scholarship for his outstanding piano exam results.

Both students were invited to perform in the Gala and Awards ceremony held May 8, 2019, where they were presented with their awards.

Betty Harris has been teaching piano for more than 25 years in her Stittsville home studio and is a member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association. Catharina and Christian have been under Betty’s guidance for five years.




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  1. The proud grandparents of those two, Catharina and Christian, congratulate from Germany, near Berlin / Potsdam.
    Oma Minnie and Opa Uli

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