Planning Committee decides on Stittsville South zoning February 9

The City’s Planning Committee will consider a zoning by-law amendment for a subdivision in Stittsville South, “to permit residential development of 339 single detached, 162 multiple attached and 152 low-rise apartment dwelling units as well as two parks and a stormwater management pond.”

The land in question is known as 1845, 1877, 1883 and part of 1921 Stittsville Main Street, 70 Friendly Crescent and 74 Hartsmere Drive, and includes 37 hectares of land. The site is currently zoned Rural Residential Subzone 2 (RR2) and Rural Countryside Zone (RU) and the owner wants it re-zoned to permit higher residential density.  (The land is actually in Rideau-Goulbourn ward.)

From a staff report: “The properties consist of existing rural properties, thickets, meadows, hedgerows and some treed areas in the west and south edges of the site. The Faulkner Drain forms the easterly edge of the site. The site is the western portion of the lands within the Stittsville South Urban Expansion Area, Area 6. Surrounding the properties, to the north, is the West Wind Farms urban residential subdivision consisting of single detached, semi detached, and townhouse dwellings as well as blocks for schools and parks. To the west across Stittsville Main Street is the Harris Lands subdivision comprised of single detached and townhouse dwellings as well as a park block. To the south is the Woodside Acres country estate featuring large lots of 1.8 to 2.5 acres in size. To the east is the remaining land of the Urban Expansion Area 6. A hydro corridor runs in a north-south direction to the south of the property.”

You can read the staff report here.

Stittsville South zoning map
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