Pocopazzo generously cooks for hospital workers

In times like these, we praise those who go out of their way to complete generous acts of kindness. Emanuele and Angela Leonforte are just two of many Stittsville residents who fit this bill.

The couple own the Italian eatery Pocopazzo located in the Jackson Trails Mall on Hazeldean Road. Emanuele Leonforte, ‘Manny’ as he is referred to by loyal customers and staff has taken the meaning of kindness to a whole new level.

After watching the news, Mr. Leonforte was talking to his cousin and family in the United States – after finding out that some American family members had symptoms. He heard about the great level of care they were being given by the nurses and doctors at their local hospital, he was inspired to help out the local doctors and nurses in his home city of Ottawa.

Manny started cooking at once. They started helping by delivering 65 individual dinners to the Shepherds of Good Hope on March 16 due to their compassion for the newly unemployed and demands on support systems.

He makes the meals and his wife delivers them to the Queensway-Carleton Hospital Emergency Department. In a phone interview with Stittsville Central, I asked him what compelled him to help and he enthusiastically said, “I love to do charity work and I love to give back when I can.”

When asked about the meals being provided to the hospital workers, he rang off a list — Chicken Posca, Fettuccine pocopazzo, Chicken Parmigiana, and Gemelli Siciliana.

“Last Tuesday, it was cannolini. Yesterday it was manicotti with spinach and cheese. I go with whatever the day brings me,” Manny stated.

Fratelli Kanata has joined in as well to help with the cooking while the desserts are offered by Sweet Rebel Bakery. The trio of businesses are now sharing their culinary talents to bring dinner to the hospital workers every Tuesday evening.

Angela added, “We are hopeful other restaurants can join us in feeding and supporting our heroes — our front line workers.”

Pocopazzo is open for pick-up from 4:00 to 8:00 pm Monday to Saturday and begin taking orders starting at 1:00 pm everyday ONLY by phone at 613-836-7100. Their location on March Road is temporarily closed to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.



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