Poppies of Goulbourn exhibit returns to Goulbourn Museum

(Volunteers from the Hazeldean Gardens Retirement Residence worked tirelessly attaching poppies to a net for this year’s Poppies of Goulbourn outdoor installation at the Goulbourn Museum in honour of Remembrance Day.)

This year’s installation of the Poppies of Goulbourn exhibit is a true community collaboration. From the creative souls who spent time knitting and crocheting poppies (some came all the way from Winnipeg!) to the lovely volunteers at Hazeldean Gardens Retirement Residence who meticulously sewed each flower into place – this year’s outdoor installation is thanks to all of you!

Look for the poppies to appear on the Goulbourn Museum building at the end of October. They will remain on display until November 12th.

(The collection bin for the handmade poppies for the 2021 Goulbourn Museum display in honour of Remembrance Day.)

It’s not too late to contribute to the poppy exhibit at the Museum. If you knit or crochet and would like to donate your handmade poppies to this ongoing campaign, here is what has to be done:

  • Put your completed poppies in a bag, bring them to the Museum and place the bag in the available bin next to the museum entrance.
  • Please fill out this form and include it with your poppies. It’s important for the Museum to track the number of hours donated by our kind volunteers. Extra copies will be available inside the drop-off bin.
  • November 12 is the final date for drop-off.
(Ladies follow the instructions to knit or crochet their handmade poppies for the Goulbourn Museum display.)

Poppies must be either 3 inches square or 5 inches square (approximately). Poppy colours should follow the current Canadian Legion poppy campaign colours and should be a vibrant red with a charcoal black centre. All yarn used for this project should be synthetic because of the outdoor elements. Download knitting instructions here. Download crocheting instructions here.

If you would like further information, please email: info@goulbournmuseum.ca.


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