Preventing car break-ins during the summer season

In light of recent Stittsville vehicle break-ins and damage to cars, this timely piece of advice has been provided by the Ottawa Police Service. With over 1,662 vehicle break-ins reported in 2018, this is a good reminder to protect your valuables.

The Ottawa Police Service would like to remind the public that, “with summer in full swing, so is the risk of theft from vehicles”. Residents are reminded to remove anything of value from their vehicle.

“Thieves typically look for an unlocked or locked vehicle showing valuables, and once they gain entry, they go through the entire car — including the trunk,” said Cst. Stephanie Lemieux, Centretown Community Police Officer.  “It isn’t enough to hide items in the console or under the car seats because the thieves are just that thorough.”

Download an AVR (All Valuables Removed<>) card to display in your parked vehicle.

The cards are displayed by vehicle owners on the inside of the driver’s side window to display the message, “All Valuables Removed” – letting would-be-thieves know not to bother searching the vehicle and alerting others to take the same precautions.

In the event you notice someone acting suspicious around parked vehicles or if you see someone trying car doors – please call police and report it. Make the right call<>. “Even if your car is broken into and nothing is taken, it still needs to be reported to police,” added Cst. Lemieux.

Find out more on how to reduce the risk of being the victim of a theft from vehicle with our Safety and Crime Prevention Programs on our website at<>, or contact your local community police officer<> for more information.

Anyone with information regarding a theft from a vehicle or any other crime is asked to call the Police Reporting Unit at 613-236-1222, extension 7300.


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