Proposal received by city to expand The Shoppes at Fairwinds

North American (Goulbourn) LP has submitted to the city for approval, a Site Plan Control application to expand the existing commerical space at 5705 Hazeldean Road – the Shoppes at Fairwinds (Huntmar and Hazeldean Roads).

The proposal is requesting approval to increase the retail space in the area of the Foods Basics grocery store and the Toys R Us to erect three additional retail buildings. The proposed Zoning uses are permitted by Bylaw 208-250 and the Phase 4 Site Plan complies with all criteria set out therein.

On July 30, 2010 a Master Site Plan and Site Plan Agreement were approved and Phase 1 was constructed under this approval. Since then development has occurred in 2 subsequent phases each accompanied by an amending Site Plan Agreement. Amendments were necessary to reflect tenant requirements. Prior to this application there have been 2 previous building specific site plan amendments.

  • January 9, 2018 – Phase 2 (D07-12-14-0102)
  • March 19, 2019 – Phase 3 (D07-12-14-0032)
(Proposed site plan for Phase 4 of 5705 Hazeldean Road. Toys R Us is located in the upper right corner, with Food Basics located at the upper left corner.)

This would be Phase 4 of the Site development. Phases were not specifically referenced as part of the Master Site Plan process. The numbers assigned to the phases represent sequential construction phases responding to market demand from time to time. The proposed buildings are generally in conformity with the ‘Master’ approved site plan. A permanent direct sidewalk will link to the Fairwinds Community from the shops, connecting to the existing Gallantry Way sidewalk.

  • Pad “B”, the highlighted area at the bottom of the map above would be constructed as a free-standing multi-tenant building.

  • Box “D”, highlighted in the upper-right of the map would be a single-use building connected to the existing Toys R Us building.

  • CRU “B-2”, highlighted in the upper-left of the map, altered from the previously approved master plan, would be a multi-tenant building  that connects to the existing commercial strip mall.

As part of the approval process a Pre-consultation was held with city staff on December 17, 2018. Comments were minimal and have been addressed in the revised plans and reports that were submitted with the Site Plan Application. The building design was carried out in consultation with staff and the previous Ward Councillor from the onset. Phase 4 is a continuation of the principles established at that time. A meeting to brief Councillor Gower on the project was held on March 25, 2019.

Want to know more about this proposed retail development, go to Ottawa’s DevApps site.

Comments can be sent, by November 21, 2019, to the City Planner, Colette Gorni at or you can provide them by telephone at 613-580-2424 Ext. 21239. Councillor Gower would like to hear your comments as well, copy him on your email at or provide feedback by telephone at 613-580-2476.


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