A timeline of upcoming intersection improvements

Intersection of Huntmar and Maple Grove. Heading northbound, one lane combines straight-through and left turns. The other is for right turns only.

(PHOTO: Intersection of Huntmar and Maple Grove. File photo from 2015.)

As we begin a new year, I wanted to provide residents with an overview of intersection improvements planned for 2018 and some that are anticipated further in the future. I have also provided an update on some of the intersections on which residents have expressed the most concern.

Please note that timelines are subject to change. I will also be providing an update in the coming weeks in my eNewsletter regarding future planned road connections and improvements as well.

New Signalized Intersections & Future Road Connections

  • Stittsville Main St & West Ridge Dr:  I am pleased to let the community know that this intersection is planned to be upgraded to a signalized intersection in 2018.  I have heard from residents over the years requesting a traffic light at this location and with the new development taking place in the Stittsville South lands this new traffic light will be beneficial to both existing and new residents.  It is anticipated that work may start as early as May and could be completed by the end of June.  Please note that in April the schedule should be confirmed and then a firmer timeline can be provided to the community.
  • Stittsville Main St Extension & Connection to Maple Grove Rd:  When the Jackson Trails development was planned and the Kanata West Concept Plan was designed there was a plan made for Stittsville Main Street to extend northbound and then shift eastward and connect to Palladium Drive. This general alignment is still planned to be made in the future as developments in the area are constructed.  In the proposed development plans for 195 Huntmar this street extension is shown with a connection to the future extension of Robert Grant Avenue (the North South Arterial Road).
  • It has also been discussed in the past if Stittsville Main Street should also connected to Maple Grove Road. While there has been some support in the community to make this connection, the community has also expressed concern with the current operation of the intersection at Huntmar and Maple Grove. I feel it is important we first have this intersection upgraded before considering to bring more traffic to the area (see below for more information on these plans).

Existing Signalized Intersection Adjustments

  • Hazeldean Rd & Carp Rd: A large number of residents have expressed a concern with the operations of this intersection and have requested additional turning lanes. Recently residents were provided the opportunity to complete a survey on my website regarding potential changes that could be made to this intersection. I would like to again thank everyone for their feedback which is being reviewed by City staff; I will share further updates with the community in the future in my eNewsletter regarding potential changes to the intersection. For more information visit here.
  • Huntmar Rd & Maple Grove Rd: The City intends to undertake intersection modifications to improve the functioning of this intersection.  Improvements include the addition of left turn auxiliary lanes and right turn lanes to address capacity requirements for peak traffic volumes as well as other upgrades to the site.  There is no confirmed timeline available at this time and for more information on the project and the funding considerations please visit here.
  • Terry Fox Dr & Abbott St East Extension: There are modifications planned for the existing intersection of Terry Fox Dr and Castlefrank Rd/Abbott St East extension to provide a northbound left-turn lane, southbound right-turn lane at the intersection.  This will provide dedicated turning lanes for those turning westbound onto the new Abbott St East extension to access the new subdivisions under construction in this area. It is anticipated that the work will begin in the early 2018 construction season. While the developer is front ending this work, ultimately it will be paid by the City through development charges.

Intersections being Monitored

  • Stittsville Main St & Brae Cres: Both the north and south intersection of Stittsville Main St and Brae Cres (formerly Elm Cres) have been reviewed by the City to determine if they meet the warrants for a signalized intersection.   At this time neither location meets the required warrants, however data continues to be collected on an annual basis. In order for the City of Ottawa staff to be able to recommend that a traffic control signal be installed at a particular location, 100% of the warrants must be met. As the signal warrants were not 100% met, staff do not recommend this intersection for signalization. When a location meets more than 75% of the signal warrants, the general practice of the department is to evaluate the location again in the following year which is the case for this location.
  • Terry Fox & Westphalian: Residents in the Blackstone/Fernbank Crossing communities have expressed concern with this intersection and have requested a left-turn arrow for those turning onto Westphalian northbound from Terry Fox.   City staff did undertake a northbound queue study on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 during the afternoon rush hour period. The study revealed that all 90 vehicles completed their left-turn movement on the cycle of arrival and did not have to wait through a red signal display.  Given the results of the review, the City cannot recommend a left-turn arrow installation at this time, however, I have requested another study be undertaken in 2018.
  • Huntmar Dr & Shops of Fairwinds Plaza at Food Basics: There are plans for a traffic signal to be installed at this intersection. The signal would be required to be funded by the developer once the full commercial site build out is complete (both east and west of Huntmar) and the signal warrants are met.
  • Adult Crossing Guard Requests: There have been safety concerns raised by a number of residents for students crossing at the intersections of Stittsville Main St & Beverly St and Stittsville Main St & Kimpton Dr/Horseshoe Cres.  Both these locations will be reviewed in 2018 for the Adult Crossing Guard program.

This information provides an overview of some of the areas that have been raised as largest concern in the community. While there are other intersections that residents have raised concerns with, these are the ones that have received the largest amount of interest and I feel the broader community would also be interested in receiving.

If you have concerns with intersections in the community that you feel require review or adjustments, please feel free to contact me via email at Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca .

(Originally published on Councillor Shad Qadri’s web site.)



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