Blasting expected until March for Fernbank and Poole Creek developments

Controlled Blasting signage

CRT development lands at 5786 Fernbank Road

I have heard from residents regarding the intensity of the blasting currently being undertaken at the CRT development lands at 5786 Fernbank Road. The property for this development is located west of Robert Grant Avenue, north of Fernbank and south of Abbott Street. For more background information, please review a previous update I provided to the community.

I was advised this week from the contractor that the blasting is now anticipated to continue until the end of March. I am concerned that this blasting has been taking much longer than residents were originally advised. As such, I have reported these concerns to the City and they are investigating the matter further.

The contractors, DST, have advised that they currently have three seismographs around the construction site to measure the blast-induced vibrations. All blasting vibrations have been well below the allowable limit and/or threshold for the possibility of causing any cosmetic cracking in drywall, concrete, etc. It is DST’s understanding that the blasting contractor is currently working near the Jean Paul II School/Talltree Crescent area hence the reason why residents in this area are feeling stronger vibrations than usual. DST expresses its sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and wishes to extend its appreciation for your patience in advance.

If residents have concerns with the blasting operations please feel free to contact my office and Anas Saleh, Project Manager, DST Consulting Engineers Inc. at 613-748-1415 ext 238 or If residents are concerned with damage to their properties due to the blasting, they can contact the above individual or submit a claim through the City.  For more information on the City’s claim process, please visit here.

Poole Creek Village

Tartan Homes has advised that their contractor will commence blasting activity in the Poole Creek Phase 3 subdivision next week. The blasting is required for the final servicing phase in the subdivision and is expected to take 6 weeks. Over 70 pre-blast surveys were completed and notice has been provided to all the adjacent homeowners.

The Poole Creek Village development at 5831 Hazeldean Road received draft approval in 2012 (see plan of subdivision for full plan). The lands are located north of Poole Creek/Hazeldean Road and south of Maple Grove Road. It is located in between the Fairwinds and the Fairwinds West subdivision.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact my office and you may contact Wayne Kennedy, Franks Drilling and Blasting at 613-561-6443.

(Originally published on Shad Qadri’s web site.)


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