See the concept plans for Blackstone Community Park

The communities of Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing have been patiently waiting for the community park to be constructed in their development and I am pleased to share with residents the proposed plans for this park.

Blackstone park concept

Blackstone Park will be a 3.25-hectare community park located at the intersection of Rouncey Road and Groningen Road in Stittsville. The proximity to the Monahan Drain to the south of the park will influence the theme and character of the park by bringing a naturalized area into the park. Landscaped berms will create movement in the park while defining play areas.

In the summer, park amenity features will include a swing set, a sand play area, a sheltered picnic area, a play structure for toddlers and older children, a splash pad, two tennis courts, open play areas, one large soccer field that could be used as two mini-soccer fields, one intermediate size soccer field, an adult fitness area, and a skateboard park.  In the winter, a puddle rink will be created and a larger berm adjacent to the Monahan Drain may be turned into a small sliding hill for younger children. Trees will be planted in the park with a focus on nut and fruit trees to reflect the agricultural heritage of the community.  The concept plan also identifies an area for a possible future community garden.

Blackstone Park Conceptual Design Panel 1 (PDF)

Blackstone Park Conceptual Design Panel 2 (PDF)

The City is encouraging residents to provide their feedback on the proposed plans to:

For more information, residents are invited to attend the upcoming Stittsville Parks Information Session on February 8th with an Open House from 6:30-8:45pm with a Presentation at 7pm in Hall A at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex at 1500 Shea Road in Stittsville.

Following the public information session, the plans will be posted on the City’s website in bilingual and accessible formats and an official deadline for the comments will be set.

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1 thought on “See the concept plans for Blackstone Community Park”

  1. It is great to finally see the proposed Blackstone community park plans – but they could be better. While I very much appreciated how nut and fruit trees, and a potential space for a community garden, have made it onto this design concept, it needs a few changes. The Blackstone-Fernbank Crossing Community Association (BFCCA) is gathering feedback within the neighbourhood and the wider community is encouraged to identify what they would like to see to improve this park design and make it a place many people would use.

    My personal interest includes ensuring new parks have large natural spaces with planting to create a future forest – specifically, a permaculture food forest. While not a typical new park discussion, it is increasingly becoming important to create natural wooded/forest spaces in new subdivision. Creating a permaculture food forest takes years to grow however the initial park design could reserve at least 20% of the space for the food forest and plant the first “starter” trees and bushes.

    A community food forest can become part of a series of annual, all season, activities for all ages. It offers opportunities for residents to connect with and learn about nature, contributing to empowering residents to conserve and protect the natural landscape often lost when new subdivisions are created.

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