Quitters a mix of star power and good coffee

Since opening on Thanksgiving weekend, Quitters has quickly become Stittsville’s biggest tourist attraction, thanks to a celebrity owner (Kathleen Edwards) combined with good coffee and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Here’s a guest post from Katie Shapiro from Kanata. It originally appeared on Apartment 613 and is republished here with her permission.

(By the way, Quitters will be closed from Monday to Wednesday this week due to renovations. They’re replacing those foggy windows at the front.)


Photo by Katie Shapiro
Photo by Katie Shapiro

Though I was initially saddened to hear that one of my favourite Ottawa-based musicians would be taking a break from the music scene, I perked up once I learned of Kathleen Edwards’ plans to open a coffee shop in Stittsville. As a west-end suburban dweller, I was eagerly anticipating this new addition to our coffee shop selection and it didn’t disappoint.

A couple weeks after they opened, I made my first visit to Quitters Coffee. I’ll admit to having felt slightly star struck as we ordered our coffee from the accomplished songstress, but Kathleen has opened a coffee shop that’s as down to earth as she is.

My friend inquired about the possibility of an off-menu hybrid drink he was craving: an apple chaider (the hypothetical love child of a hot apple cider and a chai latte). Kathleen was game, and when the results weren’t quite to her liking my friend received both an apple cider and a chai latte…not bad for customer service!

It might not look like much from the outside on Main Street (signage is still on the way), but indoors, Quitters is lovely. Large windows keep the space bright, while drum skins hang on the wall and mismatched tables and chairs somehow seem to match anyway.

Photo by Katie Shapiro
Photo by Katie Shapiro

With quiet tunes in the background and clientele of all ages (there’s even a “parking spot” for your furry friends outside, for whom there is water and treats), the vibe at Quitters is a welcoming one. (And I’m looking forward to the live music that will hopefully soon add to Quitters’ charm.)

Perhaps most importantly, the coffee, from Pilot Coffee Roasters in Toronto, is consistently good and the drinks are well crafted by the friendly baristas. Complimented by an array of homemade and local treats, you’ll want to grab one of the pretty china plates and stay a while.

Given Kathleen’s fame, it wasn’t surprising to catch her being interviewed by the Toronto Star last time I was in—but star power aside, Quitters has some serious coffee shop appeal.

Katie Shapiro blogs at Kate’s Plate.

Photo by Katie Shapiro
Photo by Katie Shapiro



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