Quitters Coffee is now open on Stittsville Main Street

Photo by Rochelle James

Quitters Coffee, the new cafe owned by Kathleen Edwards, opened on Saturday. It’s just on Stittsville Main Street, just south of Abbott. Thanks to Rochelle James for the heads up!

James says: “Excellent excuse to leave the cars at home and walk in the Village.  So the plan now is they have coffee – good coffee – and tea and a few others beverages. Eventually artisanal snacks and then salads lunches etc. It’s on its feet now and will progressively get moving! Good music too – and for me, that’s key to wanting to visit . They’re using Pilot Coffee from Toronto – said they’ve known the roastery for years, loved the coffee and Pilot has helped guide them with Quitters equipment.  ”

Rochelle James‎
Photo by Rochelle James‎
Photo by Rochelle James‎
Photo by Rochelle James‎





4 thoughts on “Quitters Coffee is now open on Stittsville Main Street”

  1. Dropped in to Quitter’s yesterday afternoon. Terribly unimpressed, I’m afraid. Shouldn’t have opened until they were ready to. Music WAY too loud – much too difficult to carry on a conversation. Ridiculous seating – very low tables – feel like you’re sitting in a grade school class. Not at all comfortable. Kids running around like wild animals – seriously! No ambiance whatsoever. Extremely bitter, nasty coffee. No butter for the scones…….. need I go on.

  2. I read the article about your ‘new beginning’ & think it’s great for
    you to change gears and embrace a direction. I play music for fun,
    the way it should be…the industry of music can kind of obscure
    your eyes from the heart & soul, and at times you’re on auto-pilot.
    Best of luck & I’ll drop in someday.

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