Quitter’s java jam

Perpetua Quigley shares her watercolours and Haiku with our community. She has been creating artwork in which she captures the essence of Stittsville and the immediate area. Having painted other Stittsville landmarks, she has again created another that interprets the balance, through her haiku, these two buildings share with each other.

In keeping with that experience of equilibrium is my latest sketch of The Temperance Hotel and Quitter’s along with its haiku.

Quitter’s java jam
park your dog, bike, car. Chillax.
psychic temperance

The red brick building on Main Street, Stittsville, formerly known as The Temperance Hotel is now occupied by a psychic reader. It is the neighbour of Quitter’s, a coffee shop owned by Kathleen Edwards which offers food and beverages and hosts jam sessions of musicians. Both enterprises encourage psychic temperance of balance.

Next time you visit Quitters, take a look at the brick building at the corner of Orville and Main. It was once the Temperance Hotel, now said to be haunted, and is the home of a Psychic Reader and other apartment dwellers. The Quitters building has held over the years, a gift shop, insurance company, antique dealer to name a few.


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