Read and win – new summer-long program at library for teens

Ottawa Public Library -Stittsville Branch (photo courtesy of the City of Ottawa)

The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) has introduced an exciting new summer-long program for book-loving teens: Teen Reads. Teens can now head over to the OPL website and look for the weekly Teen Reads blog post to find weekly reading reviews and suggestions – for Ottawa teens, by other Ottawa teens.

A blog post will be posted every Monday this summer, focusing on a different genre every week. Each week will feature a book review and a read-alike suggestion, within that same genre. Teens will be invited to share their own book suggestion, within that genre, in the comment section below the blog post for a chance to win the weekly prize of a $20 Chapters gift card! Teens must log in in order to leave a comment.

The winners will be contacted directly every week. All the Teen Reads blog posts will be on the OPL’s Teen Services blog.

For all the details on Teen reads, visit:

Here is the full list of themes that will be explored throughout the summer:

Coming of Age: First-time experiences, discovering what’s important to you, and finding your way in the world are the themes in these character-driven stories and real-life recollections.

Humour: Funny, raunchy, clever, biting, absurd, inventive, whimsical –these books deliver insight along with the laughs.

Fantasy: Other-wordly, futuristic or contemporary tales of epic adventure, dark secrets, mortal danger and the supernatural.

Identity: Powerful personal accounts about taking your place in the world and knowing and showing who you are.

Science Fiction: Travel into uncharted territory and imagine strange and jarring new worlds in alternate realities or faraway futures.

Real Life: Inner conflict, harsh realities, dreams, and personal connections, shape the journey to self-discovery in these stories of fictional and real lives lived.

Nailbiters: Combining high stakes and uncertainty, these tense and thrilling books will have you on the edge of your seat.

History: Traversing time and space, these historical fiction and nonfiction books illuminate the often painful past.



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