Read this before you set off fireworks this weekend

The Phat Boy fireworks truck is parked in front of the Rona on Hazeldean Road.

(Above: The Phat Boy fireworks truck is parked in front of the Rona on Hazeldean Road.  Last year they were on Stittsville Main Street and this year they have a brand new truck.  They’ll be back leading up to Canada Day as well.)

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Someone was setting off fireworks at 1:00am on Saturday morning near our house. Not only is it inconsiderate to neighbours, it’s also against the law. I love fireworks but I prefer them a little earlier in the evening!  Here’s a list of what’s allowed — and what’s not — when you’re setting off fireworks in the City of Ottawa.)

  • Consumer fireworks may be discharged on the day of, day before or the day after Victoria Day — Monday, May 18.
  • They must be discharged by someone 18 or older, and on private property, with permission of the property owner.
  • Minimum safety distances as indicated on the fireworks product must be maintained from spectators, buildings and vehicles.
  • The fireworks display must not cause danger or nuisance to any person or property.
  • The sale of consumer fireworks, except on Victoria Day and the seven business days immediately preceding Victoria Day, is prohibited in the City of Ottawa.
  • Display fireworks, such as those on Parliament Hill, and smaller-scale versions at public parks on holiday weekends, may only be discharged by someone over 18 who holds a permit issued by the Ottawa Fire Chief. Applications for these permits must be submitted 30 days before the intended display.
  • Firecrackers are prohibited from being used or sold in the City of Ottawa or Province of Ontario. Anyone selling, purchasing or using firecrackers within the City of Ottawa is in violation of the Fireworks By-law as well as provincial law.

Please review Ottawa’s Fireworks By-law on for further details. Violations of the Fireworks By-law can be reported to 3-1-1.


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