Red Gables re-opens this weekend as a crêperie on Carp Road

Margarita Chen inside Red Gables on Carp Road, just days before the opening. Photo by Devyn Barrie.

(Margarita Chen inside Red Gables on Carp Road last summer. File photo by Devyn Barrie.)

Red Gables on Carp Road is set to re-open this weekend as a crêperie.

The restaurant has been closed for the past few months as the owner, Margarita Chen, recovered from an injury. Before it closed, the food speciality was waffles and bubble tea.

“It’s going to be a crêperie – serving Stittsville and Carp,” says Chen. “Online orders available for takeout, and delivery in the future. We’re opening this weekend.

“There’s a full menu of breakfast savoury and sweet and lunch meals (all crepes). The style is very Québécoise with a hint of fusion and a splash of Paris. Why not right? The way the culinary world is changing it’s not a surprise to see so many melding of food cultures and styles,” she says.

There’s no longer bubble tea available at Red Gables, but you can get it just down the road at Margarita’s other restaurant, Kungfu Bistro.

Red Gables is at 2006 Carp Road.  Hours are 10am-3 pm. Visit or call 613-836-6688. 


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