Rejuvenation of Stittsville Main continues with new development: The Station

(The proposed new development from Inverness Homes to be located at 1518-1526 Stittsville Main Street. Renderings and Site Plan provided by: Inverness Homes)

There is an unstoppable tide of change coming to Stittsville Main Street with new developments and businesses announcing their arrival. The newest development is slated for the recently cleared lot on Stittsville Main beside the Trans-Canada Trail with much consideration given to Stittsville’s past history. Stittsville developer, Inverness Homes, purchased the land at 1518-1526 Stittsville Main Street in 2019 and now have their plans in place for the build.

Local residents Kyle MacHutchon and Melissa Kruyne own Inverness Homes and have lived in Stittsville for 20 years – building their first home here in 2001. They have contemplated purchasing the property at 1518-1526 Stittsville Main for several years, making the decision to finally do so last fall.

(The Station – front view of the proposed new development on Stittsville Main Street from Inverness Homes.)

Stittsville Central spoke with Kyle about the project. “Melissa and I wanted to create an atmosphere of Stittsville coming together. The vision is to avail The Station as a gathering place for locals and area, especially with its prime location beside the Trans-Canada Trail.” In line with the 15-minute neighbourhood, the couple are encouraging more pedestrians and bikes – less vehicle traffic – to Stittsville’s core. “It has always been Melissa’s dream to own a restaurant. We will own the restaurant, but not manage it as our children and other commitments wouldn’t allow for that, but her dream is becoming reality,” added Kyle.

Kyle is proud of the fact that the local railway history of the location and Bradley’s store is incorporated into the project, “we designed the building with the historical feeling of a train station, including the entrance with the focal point being the clock tower – history has also been incorporated into the build with the façade of red brick. We also salvaged the dated 1945 sign from the original building.”

(The Station at dusk – proposed new development slated for 1518-1526 Stittsville Main Street.)

The project will consist of the primary building featuring a restaurant and second floor office space facing Stittsville Main Street. A four-storey linear building, connected with a two-storey archway, will be tucked behind the primary building. The four-storey structure will consist of 33 one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as underground parking for tenants. Ample parking will be available for vehicles above ground, but Kyle emphasized that significant parking will be in place for bikes.

(The site plan for the proposed project – The Station – at 1518-1526 Stittsville Main Street.)

In an email, the project’s architect Malcolm Wildeboer, also a resident of Stittsville, provided his design brief, “In designing ‘The Station’ I felt the use of materials (primarily red clay brick) would lend a sense of memory and permanence to the revitalization of the village’s central precinct. We are very aware that ‘The Station’ is replacing the once, two-storey, redbrick “Bradley Store” circa 1870, a heritage property that was lost to a fire in 2013. As a resident of Stittsville, I was hopeful there would have been a way to salvage this brick building and when that was not deemed possible, I was pleased to be engaged by Stittsville developer, Inverness Homes, to design ‘The Station’. I see this as a tremendous opportunity to work with a local developer with a shared vision to create a meaningful architectural development in place of what was lost.” Malcolm has also designed projects such as: Alice’s Village Café, the Carp Commons Retirement Village, The Cheshire Cat and the West Carleton War Memorial.

Benjamin Clare, Senior Land Use Planner at McIntosh Perry, said, “we look forward to working with City staff through the course of the approvals process.” Kyle shared that the development plans have now been submitted to the City beginning the approval process with the Planning Department.

Councillor Glen Gower shared, “I like what I’ve seen so far, and I am really encouraged that Inverness wants to invest in the future of Stittsville Main Street – especially on this important piece of land at the centre of the historic district. The project also involves Stittsville architect Malcolm Wildeboer, who designed Alice’s Café in Carp.  I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from the community once the development application is formally published later this month.

This new development will be an inviting attraction for residents to Stittsville Main Street – a true acknowledgement of our past history.

Bradley's General Store at 1518 Stittsville Main Street. Date unknown.
(Bradley’s General Store in earlier days, owned and operated by Fred Bradley, then son Bill, located at 1518 Stittsville Main Street. The store was destroyed in a September 2013 fire.)
(The original building at the rear of the lot that housed The Stittsville News, owned by Howard and Lloyd Maguire, and a Bell switching station.)



7 thoughts on “Rejuvenation of Stittsville Main continues with new development: The Station”

  1. BRAVO Inverness and Malcom Wildeboer! Finely, we get to see a building with history behind, vision of a village and modern comfort for the future citizen of Stittsville. My background is Mexican and I lived in Germany and Italy before. I am happy to see the historical respect in this project. I am looking forward to see it!
    Ana María Rutenberg

  2. The project looks & sounds great. My concern since I live on Main St. is the traffic. It is very difficult to make a left turn from either north or south most times of the day. I hear there is a possible traffic light being installed at the new Honey coffee shop & Main. That will help greatly.
    Keep up the good work Glen.

  3. My wife and i have lived here for 15 years and we were very sad to see Louisannie’s go as well as the recent closing of Jack Ketch. We love nothing more then getting a great plate of food and a libation after work. We are very excited for the rejuvenation of Stittsville Main St as well as the new walk able venues. I feel like old Stittsville has been ignored over the years with dilapidated buildings, vacant land and lacking a defined theme.

    We are so happy to see Main Street being developed and the prime real estate being utilized to its full potential. Bring on the cuisine and roof top patios!! Great Job Guys looking forward to being a regular Patron and Neighbor.

    D & E

  4. It’s a great idea…in theory. The problem I see is the road congestion. Between Manchester and Orville, with all the new builds, it is impossible to get onto main Street. As a pedestrian cars are sitting at these intersections so long that they race out when there is a space not taking note if there is someone walking. I have lived in Stittsville for 29 years. And although I agree updates need to be made to main Street, I think what all these new buildings are missing is the traffic aspect. I know for myself if I can avoid driving down main Street I do. Traffic flow should be of utmost concern which it does not seem to be at this point.

  5. As a long time resident of Stittsville, I can say that this building will add yet more traffic and congestion on our little Main St.! We don’t need more traffic along this artery as it is already a nightmare. The corner of Orville and Main will be an even bigger bottleneck. I cannot say that these changes are enhancing our Main St. or our village.

  6. Really interested to see floor plans of 2 bedroom apts and what the rental amounts would be. Also, how early would they be in available. Also would like to know when we could put our name in for one.

    Thank you so much.

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