Replace your tired bike helmets during helmet discount weekend

(Best helmets for 2020. Photo: Wirecutter)

Several bike shops are offering discounts May 2 and 3 on the purchase of a new bike helmet. Springtime is the perfect time to replace those tired or damaged helmets to protect your head during the cycling season. Two local bike shops Bushtukah on Hazeldean Road and Kunstadt Sports in Kanata are participating in the helmet discount weekend.

Do you know when it is time to replace your helmet? Ottawa Public Health have shared these guidelines:

  • After a crash or large impact.
  • When it does not fit anymore.
  • If the helmet has a crack or is dented.
  • When the straps are frayed, torn straps or do not work.
  • Every five years. The plastics of the helmet dry out and may become brittle over time. Also, many helmets can only take one impact before they must be replaced. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.  Hockey helmets are designed to protect against more than one impact. They must be replaced when they are damaged, cracked, have loose-fitting or missing liner pieces, or have had a severe blow. Replace helmets every five years.

Bushtukah are processing on-line orders. You can see what they have at

Kunstadt are offering helmets on their website at where you can also send your online orders.

In Ontario, the Highway Traffic Act makes it mandatory for anyone under the age of 18 to wear a certified helmet while riding a bicycle.  Learning more about helmet safety and safe cycling by taking a cycling course.


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