Residents and staff at Revera’s Stittsville Villa & Manor applaud Ottawa paramedics

(The Ottawa Paramedic team and staff of the Revera Stittsville Villa and Manor preparing to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to residents. Photos: Revera)

A team of 14 Ottawa Paramedics arrived at Stittsville’s Revera Villa and Manor on a morning in late February for one of the most cheerful of days in the lives of the residents. The team was there to vaccinate the 100 residents and tenants with the COVID-19 vaccine!

All of the staff had been previously vaccinated between December 22 and February 13, with the exception of four who were missed, so they received their vaccine along with the residents. Taking only 1.5 hours to vaccinate the 100 seniors of both the Villa and Manor was quite a feat, but the operation went smoothly and quickly.

The day started off with a lineup of staff at the entrance applauding the team of 14 Paramedics as they arrived. The Paramedic team was also welcomed by the tune – When the Saints Go Marching In – by Louis Armstrong. In keeping with the Villa’s Mardi Gras theme, the staff were also tossing celebratory beads.

While it was a fun and an exciting greeting, it was also very emotional. The Paramedic members exclaimed that it was, “the best reception they had received yet!”

When inoculations were complete, the music was turned up again to show the residents’ appreciation for the work of the Paramedics. This time they heard “We Are the Champions” from the band Queen. It was truly a welcome and day that the Paramedics deserved!

When all was completed, the residents relaxed together and enjoyed a champagne mimosa to celebrate! This was a memorable day for all of the residents and staff – they are now a great deal closer to the healthier times to come.


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