Residents push for landfill accountability

Carp Road Landfill

EDITOR’S NOTE: is lending our support to a new community initiative called the Coalition for Landfill Accountability (COLA).  

It’s a group made up of residents and community associations who have concerns about the proposed expansion of the Carp Road Landfill.  

They’ve launched a web site, Twitter feed and Facebook page, and they are hoping to re-engage people in Stittsville, West Carleton and Kanata on the landfill issue.

With so many new people moving into our community, a lot of residents don’t know the details of the proposed landfill expansion, or about the problems with the existing landfill when it was in operation.  Take odour for example: between 2006-2009, there were 7,500 complaints about the smell.

Here’s a note that the group shared earlier today.


COLA: Coalition for Landfill Accountability

COLA (Coalition for Landfill Accountability) is a group of residents and community associations in western Ottawa who are concerned about the proposed expansion of the Carp Road Landfill and its future impact on the community.

Whether or not the landfill is approved, we believe there is still an opportunity for residents to make a difference in how it will affect our lives.

Community compensation. Odour management. Property value protection.  Groundwater safety. Transparency. These are just a few examples of areas where we can have an impact.

Our goal is to help educate the community on what’s planned, and how the public can get involved.


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