Restoration plans for the Wyldewood community sign

An information meeting with local residents from the Wyldewood community took place to find out what plans are being considered to replace the aged sign at the entrance to the neighbourhood.

Councillor Gower gave some background on the existing sign and introduced the team from Nautical Lands Group (NLG) (Kevin Pidgeon, Mark Williams, and Charles Beaulne) who have come forward to volunteer their time and financing to restore the sign. Stittsville Glass and Sign (Luc and Nancy Therrien) will contribute to the graphics. A number of materials and design options were discussed to replace the sign.

Three options provided by NLG have been put forward for comments from the community. Below is a rendering of the existing sign and the problems associated with it —

The following three conceptual options were put forward by the Nautical Lands Group as possibilities for the new sign. Each will be revised according to feedback received from the community.

Councillor Gower wants to hear feedback from the community and has asked that your comments be sent to him at He is also planning to hold a ‘community day’ to complete the renewal of the sign with masons from the NLG, as well as help with the clean-up and landscaping for the new sign. If you can assist with any of these responsibilities, please also indicate this in your email to Councillor Gower. Further details will follow about the community day.

In the meantime, make your comments known, so plans can be completed and bring the community closer to a new sign to grace the entranceway to Wyldewood.






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