Rick Hayes with R.W. Haller at Gaia Java this Friday

At this time of year, as the weather can develop a frosty edge, you might be grateful to live in a land-locked region safe from the storms that the sea brings. But it can also be fun to listen to some of the rich music that always seems to develop within seafaring communities. So this week you can do that in the warm safety of Gaia Java, without fear of capsizing or losing your catch.

Rick Hayes was born in Newfoundland and grew up in a tiny town by the water. His father showed him a few chords and Rick took it from there. At around age fifteen, Rick started writing songs. Many of his songs are born from a feeling of Newfoundland as a good place to have grown up, and reflect the kind of music he loves. They combine a warm guitar sound with a friendly voice and lyrics that tell stories about life situations. Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and their ilk were played on the radio as he grew up, along with all the music that Newfoundland had to offer. Mainly old Country and Newfoundland folk have inspired Rick to write songs, and to sing them for others.

A while back he recorded a CD called Songs and Companions which contains a dozen of his songs, many of them inspired by his musical friends.

R.W. Haller is a local songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist who will be producing Rick’s next record.

So come along Friday, leave your oilskins by the door, grab a morning glory muffin and wrap your hands around a mug of hot chai latte, just like the fishermen do out on the Rock! Then sit back and listen to some Rock music!

As well as Gaia Java gift certificates and bags of wonderful freshly-roasted beans from all over the world, we have tickets on sale for many of the concerts happening over the next few weeks, and we also have a number of CDs on sale by past artists who have thrilled us at the shop – so if you are struggling for a gift idea, consider a bag of beans and a disc of tunes to bring prolonged happiness!


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