How rocks can play a role in spreading community kindness

Kanata-Stittsville Rock Project

“I learned about ‘The Kindness Rocks Project’ back in July of 2017. It was the images of an interesting Facebook/YouTube character, who had recently gone viral, painted on rocks that peaked my interest. These rocks weren’t about positivity but it eventually led me to find many U.S.-based rock groups that were about inspiring, motivating and bringing smiles to the faces of complete strangers. Many of these groups stemmed from Megan Murphy’s ‘Kindness Rocks Project’.

I was intrigued and realized I needed more positivity in my life. I went online and tried to find a local group for our area but was unsuccessful. That’s what led me to start the Kanata/Stittsville Rock Project with a handful of other local women.”

—Samantha Legaspi, founder of Kanata/Stittsville Rock Project

Community 'sharing rock' that was placed in Kanata last summer
Community ‘sharing rock’ that was placed in Kanata last summer

The goal of the Kanata/Stittsville Rock Project is to spread positivity throughout Kanata and Stittsville, as well as the surrounding community.

“It’s nice to sit down and get creative. Not just for kids. Also it feels nice to put a little piece of your “art/heart” in a part of the park that can be sitting, lying in wait for someone to discover it and bring some sunshine to their day,” says Julie, a co-administrator for the rock project.

How to participate:

Our group paints or decorates rocks with positive images and/or sayings and release them out into the community to be found by a lucky passerby. If you find a rock, the rock can either be added to your personal collection or placed in another location to be found again. However, if you keep the rocks, we encourage you to paint two of your own for each one you keep – to keep the project growing!

Each rock has a tag, #kanatarockproject, on the back indicating that we can be found on Facebook. We encourage people to post a picture on our group or page, in hopes that the original artist will see it. For anyone who is unable to use social media your picture can be sent to and we will post on your behalf.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a professional artist to join us in spreading positivity and smiles! We welcome all skill levels and all ages – so don’t be shy!

If you decide to join our project we kindly ask that you respect those around you as well as their property. That includes refraining from painting profanity, removing rocks from landscaping or protected land, leaving rocks in dangerous areas etc.

We hope to do more for the community this year as the snow melts away. Last summer Tracy Facchin, from the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library, organized a small rock decorating table for us. We’re hoping to organize something again with her help! So, look forward to it this coming spring/summer and watch for updates by joining our Facebook group at


Painted rocks by Wendy Dunn, a leading member of the rock project
Painted rocks by Wendy Dunn, a leading member of the rock project



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  1. Our community did this in the USA. We would leave a tiny rock on the seat of a bicycle, newspaper, porch or walking path, etc. The person was free to keep it or pass it on. The idea was fun to do and brought lots of smiles.

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