Rogers Wireless says they’ve improved service in Stittsville, but customers have mixed reviews

(Updated Saturday, January 10.)

Several readers contacted us in the last week to say that they’ve noticed their Rogers Wireless service has improved in Stittsville.

Last fall, we asked readers to rate their Rogers service on a map.  The results showed that customers were experiencing poor data and voice service throughout most of Stittsville, especially on the western edge of our community.

We asked Rogers if any improvements were made recently to the infrastructure in Stittsville.  Here’s the response from Rogers spokesperson Andrew Garas:


“I looked into this and am happy to say that we completed a service upgrade in Stittsville that now provides LTE coverage to our customers.

This means that businesses, residents and visitors to the area will now be able to benefit from faster, more reliable voice and wireless high speed internet service with access to Canada’s fastest wireless technology.”

 In a follow-up email, Garas said that existing quipment was upgraded to enable the LTE coverage.

We asked our readers about their service these days. Here are some responses:

  • Dan Pak: “I’m in Deer Run by the trans canada trail and I now have LTE coverage 2-3 bars. I tried near A Lorne Cassidy on Pullman and before I couldn’t post on FB and now I can.”
  • Michael Frame: “Had a guest here over New Years and he got zero signal… My wife’s still stinks on her iPhone 4s.”
  • Chelsea Bastien: “We have noticed an improvement! My husband can actually make calls at home now!”
  • Jon Binks: “I have not noticed an improvement. I’m in deer run and the coverage is still bad.”
  • Mike Alexander: “I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my data service but voice is still hit-n-miss in my house (near Main & Abbott). Makes sense since Rogers says they turned on some new LTE equipment (LTE is data only). Voice calls are digital, but unless the carrier has turned on VoLTE (Voice over LTE, similar to VoIP), voice is carried on the 3G network. Rogers has announced that they are going to deploy VoLTE, but it’s not ready yet, so they still use 3G for voice.”
  • Diane Boyle-Yazdani: “West Ridge is still bad.”
  • Jill Vaughan: “No – and recently I seem to be getting dropped even more frequently!”
  • Cora von Hampeln: “I just checked. We’ve gone from zero service in the house and up the street (Stitt near Abbott) to being able to make a call.”

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5 thoughts on “Rogers Wireless says they’ve improved service in Stittsville, but customers have mixed reviews”

  1. Rogers’ coverage map showed 75Mbps LTE all over Stittsville since 2013. But I would lose signal in my neighbourhood all the time. Good to see it’s improved a little.

    I really wish they’d implement WiFi calling on the iPhone that they promised last year.

  2. I live on Birchland, off West Ridge, and I usually tend to have 1 bar, but with intermittent data. Often though, I have no signal (just emergency call which is an entirely different Network). It makes it very sucky when even try to make phone calls. I have NEVER seen LTE on my phone anywhere in west Stittsville. Occationally I may see it on Stittsville main near the Loblaws, and the more I head towards east on Hazeldean it’s good.

  3. I live in Deer Run just south of Abbott. I got 2-3 bars in early January but still dropped calls. Now it’s gone back to a consistent 1 bar and I try to avoid using my iPhone 4s as a phone at home. As far as data goes, I get Edge mostly when I’m West of Main street. A pain when trying to use Siri to do hands free in the car. I hear a lot of Stittville residents are turning to Bell or Telus. I may be one of them.

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