Roots Naturopathic Wellness Centre coming to 1495 Stittsville Main

(The new Roots Naturopathic Wellness Centre will be located at 1495 Stittsville Main. Photo: Dr. Marie-Andrée Nowlan, ND)

The exciting redevelopment of Stittsville Main Street continues, with the opening of Roots Naturopathic Wellness Centre on 10 September, 2019. Located at 1495 Main Street, the clinic is owned by Dr. Marie-Andrée Nowlan, ND, who has been proudly practising in Stittsville since September 2014.

Known for her compassion and thoroughness, as well as her remarkable breadth and depth of knowledge, Dr. Nowlan, ND gravitated toward naturopathic medicine because her core values align with its principles. This includes an emphasis on identifying and treating the root cause of the issue, rather than simply addressing symptoms. Dr. Nowlan, ND envisions Roots Naturopathic Wellness Clinic to be the go-to place for overall wellness, where people can feel comfortable and confident working in partnership with her towards their optimal health. The clinic is designed to be a place where an individual can reconnect with themselves, and be empowered to make their health a priority.

(Dr. Marie-Andrée Nowlan, ND, will be the sole owner and practitioner at the Roots Naturopathic Wellness Centre. Photo: Dr. Marie-Andrée Nowlan, ND)

The clinic will offer a wide-range of services, including (but not limited to): clinical nutrition; lifestyle counselling; botanical medicine; acupuncture; B12 injections and bio-identical hormones (thyroid, estrogen and progesterone). Dr. Nowlan, ND will offer thorough testing for thyroid, adrenal glands and other hormones, food sensitivity testing, nutrient testing, comprehensive digestive stool analysis and autoimmune testing, and more. For those not familiar with naturopathic medicine, it is important to note that this testing goes far beyond analysis of ‘normal’ ranges. Dr. Nowlan, ND examines all of the pieces of the puzzle that make each patient unique, to uncover issues that may exist and identify solutions to address them, the goal being achievement of ideal health.

The building the clinic will operate in was originally one of the first homes in the Stittsville area. It has been beautifully restored by the previous owner, with many of the original components maintained. Dr. Nowlan, ND takes pride in being able to showcase the history of our community, and is excited to participate in the redevelopment of Stittsville Main Street. She is appreciative of the opportunity to create a presence at this central, easily walkable area, and looks forward to positively impacting a community that she notes has been wonderful and welcoming to her and her family.

When asked what she loves most about her work, Dr. Nowlan, ND responded, “I am so blessed to be able to do what I love on a daily basis. The opportunity to educate and empower people in our community, and to help them along their health journey, is simply incredible, and I am grateful.” A gentle and compassionate soul by nature, Dr. Nowlan, ND provides personalized treatment for her patients in an understanding, supportive and non-judgemental manner. At Roots Naturopathic Wellness Clinic, you can expect to be heard, understood and supported.

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