Sacred Heart co-op student Kaitlyn LeBoutillier is welcomed by Stittsville Central

We are pleased to welcome Kaitlyn (Katie) LeBoutillier to the Stittsville Central team for her co-op work placement until the end of June, 2023. A Stittsville resident, with roots from ‘down east’, Kaitlyn is in Grade 12 at Sacred Heart High School where she has been the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper – The Husky Howler – since 2020. Kaitlyn will be attending Toronto Metropolitan University in the fall to study Sports Media where she will further her studies in journalism and write about her passion – sports.

When Susan Tourigny, one of the teachers who leads the Co-Op Education Program at Sacred Heart, reached out to Stittsville Central to ask us to participate in their program, we were quickly on-board as we enjoy supporting local youth in their endeavours. Susan said of Kaitlyn, “she is a very high achieving student and editor of our school newspaper”. Kaitlyn is interested in online journalism and Susan knew that Kaitlyn would be a good fit.

Of the school co-op program, Kaitlyn told us, “it is a great way to earn two high school credits as well as gain practical experience in just about any field of work. There are lots of different options for co-op placements. The organizing teachers work hard to build a course that would help fit any career path. I chose Stittsville Central for my co-op placement because of my interest in journalism and specifically online journalism as that is likely where the profession is headed“.

Kaitlyn also enjoys attending local events and relating stories about our youth and says, “I think it is super cool to cover local events and people so that the Stittsville community can stay informed and get to know the people around them. I hope to share my passion for sports and sports writing with the community as I know youth sports are a big part of the Stittsville community, as well as sharing articles that hopefully give insight into what the youth in Stittsville is up to! I am super excited to work with Stittsville Central and help keep our community informed!”

We are also super excited to have Kaitlyn join us as we share as a team our local news and events with our community.

As you have gathered, Kaitlyn loves sports – both playing and watching – so reach out to her at or if you see her in the community, please say hi and share any of your stories or ideas with her. Kaitlyn will enjoy writing about and sharing your local community stories.

Grade 12 students enrolled in the Co-Op Program at Sacred Heart High School spend the last five months of their school year in a work placement in their community. These co-op opportunities allow students to commit their time, prepare for the next stage in their life and enable each to hone their skills while gaining relevant work experience.


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