Sacred Heart students present Canadian premiere of “Made in Dagenham”

Shayna Douglas (left) plays Rita O'Grady and Aidan Saunders plays Eddie O'Grady in the Sacred Heart High School production of "Made in Dagenham"

(ABOVE: Shayna Douglas (left) plays Rita O’Grady and Aidan Saunders plays Eddie O’Grady in the Sacred Heart High School production of “Made in Dagenham”.)

Sacred Heart High School students are in the final stretch of rehearsals, getting ready to present the Canadian premiere of “Made in Dagenham” from April 27-29.

The musical is based on the true story of the Ford Motor Strike in England, 1968. The story follows the busy life of Rita O’Grady, mother, machinist & women’s equality advocate.

“This musical is a comedy, but also serious at times,” says Shayna Douglas, who plays O’Grady.

The story starts off by following Rita O’Grady, a mother of two, a machinist and wife. She starts off her busy day as any mother does and then goes off to her job. Rita deals with her son being hit at school and her husband forgetting their anniversary. When the women machinists are downgraded from grade C to grade B, their pay is lowered. Outraged, the women fight back and start what we know as the 1968 ford motor strike in Dagenham, England.

“My character, Rita gets wrapped up into this issue non intentionally,” says Douglas. “She never thought she would be political but she quickly becomes the ring leader of an iconic movement. The story then continues by showing the fight the women go through as well as Rita’s family struggles. Overall, it’s an amazing story about love, hope and fighting for what you believe in! Its quite the humourous musical with plenty of laughs and a few sexual innuendos. The story is quite inspiring and we look forward to the community getting to see it!”

“Made in Dagenham” runs from April 27-29 at 7:00pm at Sacred Heart High School on Abbott Street. Tickets are 12$ for students and seniors, 15$ for adults and are available at the school.


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