SBA promotes local businesses with lamppost banners along Stittsville Main

(The installation of the business banners supported by the Stittsville Business Association along Stittsville Main Street took place September 9, 2021. Present for the installation of the first banner were: l-r, Luc Therrien, owner of Stittsville Glass & Signs; Mayor Jim Watson; Wesley Smith; Councillor Glen Gower; Adam Kittle; Allan Ryan; and, Phil Sweetnam. Photos: Stittsville Central)

There is no question that small businesses are the core of every community and for Stittsville this is no exception. The Stittsville Business Association (SBA) has worked diligently over the past few months with Councillor Glen Gower and his staff, along with the City of Ottawa, on a creative project for our town in support of local businesses. Banners have now been installed on the lampposts along Stittsville Main promoting 25 local businesses.

(Mayor Jim Watson, Wesley Smith, Allan Ryan, Adam Kittle and Councillor Glen Gower at the Stittsville Business Association’s installation of the first of 25 banners to be installed along Stittsville Main Street.)

Business members of the SBA were offered an opportunity to purchase a banner that would be displayed year-round for two years on the lampposts. The banners sold out within days thanks to Wesley Smith, Past-President and currently a Director of SBA, who was responsible for promoting and organizing the sales with his team.

(Mario Florent of Stittsville Glass & Signs installs the SBA banner for Adam Kittle Snow Blowing Ltd. at the Trans Canada Trail trailhead on September 9, 2021.)

The unveiling of the first banner installed on September 9, Adam Kittle Snow Blowing Ltd., took place at the trailhead for the Trans Canada Trail, soon to be renamed the Bradley Square. Those in attendance were: Mayor Jim Watson; Councillor Glen Gower; from the SBA – Allan Ryan, Wesley Smith, Adam Kittle, Phil Sweetnam; and Luc Therrien, owner of Stittsville Glass & Signs.

At the installation, Allan Ryan, President of the SBA, thanked all of the guests attending the event and stated, “The SBA are all local business owners and volunteers promoting our local businesses. The banners will add some flair to Main Street and promote our local businesses. Although a little delayed, sometimes things are worth waiting for.”

(Allan Ryan, President of the SBA, thanks the attendees for coming and all those who contributed to the SBA banner project over the past few months. He emphasized that the SBA did the project to support local and ‘do’ local.)

Ryan especially thanked Mario Florent, Luc and Nancy Therrien of Stittsville Glass & Signs who were instrumental in creating the banners, the hardware and installation. Ryan emphasized, “It is important for the SBA to support local and do local – Luc and Nancy operate a wonderful business in town and we wanted them to be part of it. Adam Kittle runs a successful business here and is one of the Executives on the SBA and looking forward to hanging his banner tonight.” On behalf of the SBA, Ryan ended by, “thanking the Executive – Adam, Wesley and Phil and everyone from SBA who did so much work on the banner project, the City for its support, and Councillor Gower and his staff towards the project.”

Mayor Watson shared a few words, “thank you all for the work you’ve done and Glen for inviting me, a big thanks to Glen who helped shepherd this through the steps at City Hall. More important than ever is to shop local after COVID-19. We really have to support the small businesses on our main streets like you have here in Stittsville. This is another way of marketing – Stittsville is a great community to live in, to shop and to visit. Thanks Allan for the volunteer work that the business association does and the great folks from SGS for installing and preparing the banners.”

(Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Gower spoke to the attendees emphasizing the importance of shopping local and supporting small businesses, especially after COVID-19. They both thanked the SBA for their work and the businesses for participating to bring this project to Stittsville Main Street.)

Councillor Gower expressed, “thank you to Allan and Wesley and the rest of the business association team for your leadership. Thanks to Adam and the other 24 other business owners who sponsored and took part and for the partnership with Stittsville Glass & Signs as well. Really great involvement by a lot of people here in our business community. Thank you Mr. Mayor for being here today in Stittsville.”

Should you wish to become a member of the SBA or discover more about the supportive work they are accomplishing working with our local businesses, visit their website. You can also follow them on their Facebook page.

Please support our businesses in Stittsville by keeping it local!


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  1. We love the banners on Stittsville Main Street supporting, shop local. Will there be more banners available to purchase? We are Mulkins Main Dental and new to stittsville. We would love the opportunity to participate if at all possible. Many kind thanks.

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    Karen Fournier
    Operating Office Manager
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