Scapillati Flooring takes Stittsville Town League hockey championship for 2021-22

(Scapillati Flooring winners of the 2021-22 Stittsville Town League season pose with the legendary Johnny Leroux. Back row – left to right: Troy Hass, Charlie Armstrong, Linden Bahm, Shayne Thompson (Captain), Jordan Hass, Mike Horner, Anthony Rea, Derek Lowry, Dylan Scott; Front row – left to right: Ryan Duhaime, Kevin Lough, Shane Hiley, Legendary Johnny Leroux, Austin Delaney. Missing from the photo is Max Dumond. Photo: submitted)

The Stittsville Town Hockey League continues to bring the best of local ‘older’ hockey players together to form the six teams in the league. The league itself began around 1964 playing out of the Bell Arena. By 1971 when Stittsville had its own arena opening, the town league had become dormant. A hockey player himself, Johnny Leroux stepped up to resurrect the league. In 1978 all those aged 30 and over were able to join the new ’30 and Over’ league under the leadership of who else, but Johnny Leroux.

(Johnny Leroux all set for the game to get underway.)

An avid sports enthusiast, Johnny continues to this day being a scorekeeper and timekeeper for the league. Hélène Rivest can be seen by his side also scorekeeping and timekeeping. Hélène also is responsible for tabulating the stats and uploading to the league’s website.

With the season getting off to a later start due to Covid, the Stittsville Town League teams, led by League President Kyle Gourgon (who also plays for team Molson), were finally able to hit the ice mid-season and managed to get their regular season games in. The play-offs finished off the season this week on May 16 and 17, 2022.

There are six teams in the league: Molson, Rams, Scapillati Flooring, Pro2Col, Kelly Kitchens and Poop Squad. The 2021-22 regular season ended with teams Molson and Rams tied at 24 points, Scapillati Flooring at 23, Pro2Col at 22, Kelly Kitchens at 15 and Poop Squad rounding out their year at 13 points.

Scapillati Flooring went into the semi-finals with a point score of 23 and in third place. Scapillati played through the semis finding themselves in the finals facing Molson, the first place team in the regular season. The first game of the finals played on May 16 saw Scapillati winning against Molson with a score of 6-4. Game 2 took place on May 17 when Scapillati took the game 5-2 against Molson (the best two out of three).

(Billy Jenkins, #9 on Poop Squad, was the league’s top scorer in the 2021-22 regular season.)

The Regular Season Top Scorer champion was Poop Squad’s number 9, Billy Jenkins, with an end of season 53 points, accrued in 19 games and accomplished by 36 goals and 17 assists. Billy was a force to be reckoned with.

The Stittsville Town League offers players an exciting and safe hockey experience for those who love to play the game. Another season of a great recreational hockey season is over, but the 2022-23 season is just a few months away – so come out and cheer these teams on.


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