Singer-songwriter Vernon Jones plays Gaia Java on February 6

Vernon Jones is a singer-songwriter now living in Ottawa, Ontario having relocated from Victoria, BC in 2010.  He performed in venues on the west coast over a twenty-five year period and is now bringing his music to audiences in the Ottawa area, both as a solo artist and with a variety of musicians.

He and Laurel Jones, his partner of nearly 30 years who provides continually interesting and sensitive lyrics, have written and released two CD’s: Swimming in a Hurricane released in 2009 and Ceasefire, released in 2011, both available on iTunes.  There are many more songs ready for recording and the repertoire is continually growing, particularly over the past year, with enough new material for at least two new CD’s.

Vernon is an accomplished guitarist and singer with songs ranging from pop and rock to country and folk.  The focus lately has been on folk and roots music development and audiences appreciate the clarity and precision of both the songwriting and the performances.

With a unique blend of skills and education (he is also a Chartered Public Accountant and has worked in public accounting for over twenty years) Vernon performs his music with an infectious energy and passion that wins audiences over and transports to a place where only the song matters. You will enjoy coming along on the journey. He has a website with photos and audio clips at:  and we have some clips on our website at .

Vernon Jones


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