Speed/Stunt driving complaints high – Operation Overwatch slows down hundreds

Patrol Officers from the Central, East and West Divisions of the Ottawa Police Service continue to address all road safety issues, but with an added focus on speeding. Since Operation Overwatch started up, 971 speeding-related traffic stops have been made during the first month of the project.

“We need all of our emergency and medical personnel focused on the public health crisis our city is facing rather than further taxing our resources with completely avoidable incidents resulting from Stunt Driving and/or Street Racing,” said Sgt. Mark Gatien of the OPS Traffic Unit. “Don’t wait until you hurt yourself, someone else or get a ticket to adopt safe driving habits. Every time you get behind the wheel, make safe driving your priority.”

This past Monday, Chief Peter Sloly highlighted at the monthly Ottawa Police Services Board meeting that “to date, 823 tickets were issued and 36 vehicles were impounded when the drivers were charged for stunt driving. Speeding/dangerous and stunt driving is number one traffic complaint during COVID.”

From April 25 to May 20, here is how the numbers add up:

  • 823 Speeding charges receiving Provincial Offence Notices (PONs)
  • 36 Stunt Driving/Racing charges (under Part III’s per the Highway Traffic Act)
  • 112 Speeding warnings

“We will continue our traffic enforcement efforts and raise awareness with those who display dangerous driving behaviour,” said Staff Sergeant Marc-Andre Sheehy, head of the OPS Traffic Services Unit. “High speed collisions and the undue burden they create for our health care professionals are totally avoidable. Please respect speed limits and keep everyone safe.”

“The vast majority of road users in Ottawa get it. Unfortunately, we’re still inundated with public complaints about high speeds, street racing and unnecessary noise that comes with irresponsible road use,” added Sgt. Craig Roberts, OPS Traffic Case Manager. “Our officers will continue to focus on High Flyers, Stunt Drivers and Street Racers over the coming weeks until the message becomes loud and clear for the problematic minority of drivers and riders.”

Under the Highway Traffic Act, Stunt Driving (+50km/hr over the posted speed limit) lead to licence suspension, vehicle impoundment and a court date. Upon conviction, first-time offending drivers/riders face a minimum $2000 fine.

The Ottawa Police continue to focus on high speed drivers and riders across the City with Operation Overwatch. There are a number of streets in Stittsville where Operation Overwatch could slow down these high speed drivers!


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  1. Driving north on Carp Rd. (17-5-20) going about 75, a car sped past us on a double line, and there was a slight hill, luckily nothing happened. When it is quiet on Main St. I have seen drivers going through red lights. Sad to see these people taking advantage of a situation where we try to come together, and to keep each other safe.

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