Spring concert offers musical sunshine

“Sunshine will come back”. That was the favourite phrase of our Choir Director, Sosun Suh, all through the winter months. And so the title of the West Ottawa Ladies Chorus upcoming concert is “The Promise of Spring”. Sunshine is definitely in the forecast for the days ahead.

The concert will take place on Friday, April 23rd at 7:30 pm. It still has to be a virtual concert, given the situation with Covid-19, but it will be a joyful one which the Chorus hopes will bring smiles to your faces. It will be available on the Chorus website at www.westottawaladieschorus.ca.

There are to be nine songs in a variety of musical stylesPurcell’s “Sing and Rejoice” is the exciting and vibrant representative of the classical style. In contrast to that is the popular empowering song of Disney’s Moana as the choir sings “How Far I’ll Go”. The sprightly “Spring Song” reminds us of the season we are in, while the beautiful Abba song, “My love, my life” brings an emotional tone to the concert which is unforgettable. Recalling Sosun’s love of sunshine,  there will even be a sing-along song you can join in at home. And what do you think is? It’s “Here Comes the Sun” from the Beatles. A further treat will be a duet by our Chorus accompanist Peter Brown and our Conductor, Sosun Suh.

(Some of the members of the West Ottawa Ladies Chorus in ‘Zoom’ rehearsal for their upcoming Spring concert – The Promise of Spring.)

As with the Christmas concert, all the rehearsals were conducted on Zoom. As before, this meant that all Chorus members were muted and could only hear their own voice and that of the conductor as she directed us. And she could not hear any of us. Each Chorus member had to record her video and audio part at home and send it in to Sosun. She then put all the parts together to create the final sound of the whole Chorus singing together. It is somewhat of a technological miracle to be able to create a concert this way and the West Ottawa Ladies Chorus is extremely grateful to its Conductor for all the extra work required to make this  concert possible.

No tickets are required for the concert as it is free. But there is a donation button if you feel so inclined.

Should you wish to learn more or become a member of the West Ottawa Ladies Chorus, visit their website or follow the Chorus on Facebook.


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  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful program you put on last evening (23-4-21). So uplifting after listening to doom and gloom all day. Let us know when you broadcast the next one.

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