Statement from Mayor Jim Watson regarding guns and gangs

“I met with Police Chief Charles Bordeleau this afternoon to discuss the recent incidents involving guns and gangs in Ottawa. I am deeply concerned about the shootings that have taken place in recent weeks.


I have full confidence in Chief Bordeleau, and the men and women of the Ottawa Police Service, in the steps they are taking to make our city safer. I trust the judgement of Chief Bordeleau to allocate police resources to effectively address this issue.

I will continue to collaborate with all levels of government, the police, and our crime prevention partners to address this complex social problem.


In our meeting, I was briefed on the guns and gangs strategy, and I asked to be updated on a frequent basis about the important work the Ottawa Police Service is doing.


Everyone has the right to feel safe in our city. Unfortunately, a small group of individuals is disrupting a small number of communities through irresponsible acts of violence and intimidation. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Any individual who has knowledge related to these recent acts of violence should share this information with the police.


We must also remember that this is a multi-faceted social issue that requires complex solutions that extend beyond enforcement. It is our responsibility to dissuade young people from taking the wrong path. We are striving to provide a high quality of life and a strong community fabric to provide better, safer and more prosperous options.”


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