Stay Safe Stittsville

Huntmar Police Station, March 2018
(via Ottawa Police Services)

December 1 – 7 is National Safe Driving week and the Ottawa Police Service will be conducting an education, awareness and enforcement campaign in an effort to change bad driving behaviour.

“We want our roads to be safe for everyone, and that starts with each driver making a conscious decision to focus on safety when they get behind the wheel,” said Ottawa Police Service Traffic Sergeant Mark Gatien.

What bad habits cause the most injuries on Ontario roads?

“The most dangerous driving behaviours are distracted driving, speeding and impaired driving,” said Sgt. Gatien. “At this time of the year, you can add failure to adjust to road conditions to the list.”

Ottawa roads are often wet, icy or snowy in winter. When roads are less than ideal, you need to:
• slow down, as posted speed limits are for dry, clear road conditions;
• leave extra room between you and the vehicle in front of you, it takes longer to stop on snow covered, wet or icy roads; and
• clear your vehicle of snow so you can see and be seen.

“It’s also important for your safety and that of others to ensure equipment on your vehicle is functioning properly. That means head lamps, wipers, tail lights and turn signals so you can see, be seen and other drivers know what you are going to do,” added Sgt. Gatien. “Inspect them regularly.”

The last piece of advice Sergeant Gatien has is to consider getting snow tires.

“They are designed for driving in cold temperatures and on snow. In combination with our other winter driving tips, they can increase your safety on the road,” concluded Sgt. Gatien.

Officers will be out all week, with a focus on distracted drivers, speeding, aggressive driving and vehicles with malfunctioning equipment.


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