Stittsville Atom B2 RAMS give back to Big Sky Ranch

(Photos provided by Kristal Medaglia)

Do you like animals? Our local Stittsville RAMS Atom B2 hockey team sure do. The team volunteered on November 2nd, to give back to the animals. The kids went to Big Sky Ranch in Kemptville and helped out by performing poop and scoop duties.

With 26 acres and over 150 abused and unwanted animals roaming across this expanse you can only imagine how much this help was appreciated. Donkeys, goats, cats, dogs, turkeys, ducks, geese, roosters, sheep, llamas, horese, ponies, a six-foot cow, not to mention emus and an 800 pound pig can leave many deposits — the scooping duties by the Atom B team were exemplary.

Established in 2002 as a ‘hobby farm’ by Andy Parent, Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary has saved over 3,000 animals since opening. The Ranch has become known as a ‘safe haven’ for the saved animals, giving them the chance to recover from past lives and professions. The animals also learn to again have trust and faith in humans as many were maltreated.

Not only cats and dogs were desperately in need of an alternative, Andy quickly learned so would larger farm animals that didn’t always fit into regular rescue protocols. And so it began – animal after animal would arrive, either announced by their former owners or, unannounced and abandoned, left behind to fend for themselves.

Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary will not place a time limit on any animal’s recovery rate or adoption rate.

We believe that all animals deserve a second chance without a time limit – Andy Parent, Founder of Big Sky Ranch

Great day and great help!!! These Stittsville kids are pretty awesome!


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