Stittsville author Barbara Robson shares story of ‘Alex in Amberwood’ in new children’s book

(Christina Bugatsch is the talented Illustrator who brings Alex to life as he narrates the ‘Alex in Amberwood’ children’s book authored by Barbara Robson. Illustration provided.)

Barbara Robson is a local author known for her historical book, “Amberwood Village: An Illustrated History”, released in June of 2021. She had also been sharing the history of Amberwood in several Facebook posts prior to putting the history on paper. Barbara has now written a children’s book, “Alex in Amberwood”, with charming and witty illustrations created by Christina Bugatsch. Barbara and Christina both reside in Amberwood Village.

‘Alex’ was written as a result of the fanfare and enjoyment Stittsville’s famous little fox gave to residents. Alex is the narrator of the book as he tells the story of how Amberwood Village got its green space and how he became the resident ‘rock star’. The book is suited for children aged three to eight, but the 45-page illustrated book will also bring much delight to parents and grandparents.

“It was a treat working with Christina who has so much talent and appreciation of what interests kids”, Robson told Stittsville Central. “It’s her first book but I’m sure it’s not her last.”

(Another of Christina’s beautiful illustrations from the book ‘Alex in Amberwood’.)

The book is priced at $15.00 for all to afford and would make a wonderful gift. When you purchase the book, the proceeds are going to the Amberwood Village Recreation Association for family-friendly items to be purchased for the facility.

Barbara’s earlier book on “Amberwood Village: An Illustrated History” was also a fundraiser and through sales, raised more than $2,000. The money was used for the purchase of bike racks and the mounting of 40-year-old historical newspaper stories about the community.

Of the previous fundraiser, Barbara tell us, “The club is back on its feet after a difficult time, but there is still work to be done to make it even more family-friendly for all of Stittsville”.

Copies of “Alex in Amberwood” will be available for pick-up at three different locations when you order through the email.


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