Stittsville Butter Tart Festival returns for second year

Butter tarts will be available to taste and for sale at Stittsville’s second annual Butter Tart Festival hosted by Stittsville Market at the Barn and their local partners on September 9th at Village Square Park. If you like them with or without raisins or with a firm or runny filling (elbow lickers), you’ll find your perfect butter tart at this Festival.

And it is not only butter tarts taking centre stage from 10:00am until 3:00pm. There will be local artisans, various vendors and live music will be playing throughout the day.

And, of course, there is the judging of the butter tarts with special guests performing the delicious task of tasting the entries. The tarts will be judged in three categories:

1. Best Overall
2. Best Traditional Butter Tarts (plain, pecan, walnut, or raisin)
3. Best Unique/Signature Butter Tarts (still a butter tart, but you’ve added a twist with one or more non-traditional ingredients)

The number of bakers has doubled this year with the number of butter tarts baked being quadrupled! But if this year is anything like last, you better get there early as the tarts sold out in record time.

The event takes place rain or shine at 6154 Abbott Street East. Public parking is available at the municipal parking lot on the west side of Stittsville Main Street just south of Abbott.


2 thoughts on “Stittsville Butter Tart Festival returns for second year”

  1. Went to the butter tart festival at 12PM on Saturday. All butter tarts were sold out except for the vegan and garlic ones. Poor planning on the part of the organizers and vendors. I heard one person speak about a vendor who had prepared 400 containers, 6 tarts each. Given the desire to sample on site and buy some to take home, this is a meagre amount of tarts. Be better prepared next year.

    1. Hi Monique – The Butter Tart Festival was one of the most popular events in Stittsville in 2022 – it’s inaugural year – with the tarts selling out in less than an hour. Again, this year, it was a huge success with the tarts selling out quickly, even with the bakers having more available for sale. In our article, we did inform people planning to attend: “you better get there early as the tarts sold out in record time” (in reference to last year). With a new event, there are always ‘wrinkles’ to be ironed out, but patience and understanding is always appreciated by the organizers. The organizers are aware of the ‘wrinkles’ and have already discussed their plan to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to attain the sought after butter tart. We are looking forward to next year’s Festival.

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