Stittsville Central turns 5 years old

On this day five years ago, Stittsville Central made its first appearance on-line. Founder Glen Gower, who had previously created Ottawa Start on-line, wanted to share local stories with the residents of Stittsville where he and his family lived.

We asked Glen his thoughts on this anniversary date. “I wanted to do something to connect the community. Share stories about interesting people, businesses and places. There have been hundreds of stories published and there are hundreds more to be told. One of my favourite things when I was running the site, was when we were able to connect people with similar interests – neighbours working on a common cause, like saving greenspace or starting a community project together. I am glad it is in good hands with you and Russ.”

In December 2018, Glen gave up ownership of Stittsville Central when he became our local Councillor. We have continued to bring the local stories to our community and carry on the tradition.

We thank all of our sponsors and readers for their continued support.

Lesley McKay, Managing Editor and Russell Mason, Web Site Manager


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