Stittsville Central welcomes Algonquin co-op student Carissa Fortin

(Algonquin student Carissa Fortin has joined Stittsville Central for her co-op placement.)

Here at Stittsville Central our mandate is to support local journalism. As a result, we are pleased to welcome Carissa Fortin, an Algonquin College professional writing co-op student, to our team. Carissa was born and raised in Stittsville and will be writing on the many activities and local stories from her youthful angle. If you see Carissa out and about in the neighbourhood, do say hello and feel free to share any ideas for articles with her or drop her a line at

Carissa is in her second year of the Professional Writing Program offered by Algonquin College. She is not new to working in the media environment, having had the opportunity to write for The Richmond Hub (an on-line news source for Richmond similar to Stittsville Central). Ottawa Family Living magazine recently published an article written by Carissa on the Diefenbunker Museum in Carp. Through her school program, she has co-written history blogs with four of her classmates.

Upon Carissa’s first day she exclaimed, “I am very excited to be doing a placement with Stittsville Central. For my placement, I will be covering events as well as reviewing local eats, new movies and giving the people my age a guide on how to have fun in Ottawa in ways that won’t hurt their wallet.

I feel as though I can bring a fresh touch to Stittsville Central with my youthful and bubbly personality. I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of Stittsville as well as getting to learn about the history of this beautiful little town.”

This is one of Carissa’s adages, “The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” ― Terry Pratchett

Stittsville Central is proud to support the many young writers in the Algonquin College professional writing program — providing an opportunity for students to hone their skills and gain some relevant work experience.


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  1. What a wonderful opportunity for Carissa Fortin, she should visit The Good Read bookshop at the Stittsville Library, lots of good books for young folk. Hope to see her around town…

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