Stittsville family wins the ‘My Family Is’ exhibit contest held by Goulbourn Museum

(The Hambly family exhibit ready for entry to the ‘My Family Is…’ Exhibit Contest held by the Goulbourn Museum. Photo: Hambly family)

Over the past couple of weeks, families in Stittsville were busy putting together projects in response to the ‘My Family Is…’ Exhibit Contest held by the Goulbourn Museum.

Well, the Museum has a winner — the Hambly family of Stittsville! Rob and Mandy, along with their children, Lucy and Jack, put together a wonderful family history exhibit that included an extra special segment from their Nana, Shirley Hambly, who resides in England. Here is a youtube video of the family’s interview with their Nana —

(Adventure seeking Rob and Mandy set off from their homes to travel the world in 1996. Photo: Hambly family)

Mandy told Stittsville Central that, “the Museum’s contest was the perfect fit given the unusual circumstances keeping the family house bound. Time to sift through dusty photo albums, and engage in creative team work.”

Lucy and Jack both chimed in with Lucy saying, “I really hope our family is on display at the Museum when we’re all free to go out again. I like the thought of friends recognizing me in my photo!” We hope so as well Lucy. The best part of the project for Jack – “I liked FaceTiming Nana in England. She told us she met the Queen of England!” A time not to be forgotten soon for Jack.

(Some of the family memories submitted by the Hambly family to the ‘My Family Is…’ entry at Goulbourn Museum. Photo: Hambly family)

When submitting the family’s exhibit, Mandy wrote, “We hope you like our exhibit that tells family stories and favourites from grandparents to grandkids in England, America and Canada … enjoyed unearthing old photos and sharing laughs and history with each other. What a great week – stuck at home! – to work hard on a project that honours our family by illustrating what’s unique about ‘us’.”

The Stewart family has many historic links to Canada and the United States. A post office once located in Beebe, Quebec was one of the first to be built on the Canadian/American border and was featured in Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’. In later years becoming a Stewart home – Mandy’s family roots.

C. Gordon Yorke of Saskatchewan is also a family tie. He was a prolific engraver and is known for his work on Canadian bank notes. In 1954 his first engraving for the Canadian Banknote Company was found on back of the $5.00 dollar bill series – you may recall the scene – the forest stream. Playing a significant role in the 1969-79 issues of paper bills. He engraved the portraits of Borden and Laurier, along with four vignettes – one particularly memorable – the logging scene on the Ottawa River with the Parliament Buildings seen in the background. His tools, printing dies and several engraved vignettes can be found on display at the Canadian Bank of Canada Museum in Ottawa.

(Photograph of Sir Robert Borden for whom C. Gordon Yorke engraved his portrait and can be found on the $100.00 bank note. Photo: House of Commons)
(Mandy Hambly with her daughter Lucy, visiting the display of their Grandfather and Great-Grandfather Yorke at the Bank of Canada Museum in Ottawa. Photo: Mandy Hambly)

Goulbourn Museum’s Education Officer, Sarah Catterall said, “the Hambly’s exhibit showed attention to detail and had a fantastic blend of artefacts, photos, texts, and video. The winning ‘My Family Is…’ exhibit clearly demonstrates family working, creating, and learning together — both near and far.”  “Well done to the Hamblys!”

The museum received a number of fantastic entries and they thank everyone who participated. Stittsville Central encourages everyone to take in the exhibits at the Goulbourn Museum when it re-opens.


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