Stittsville fireworks cancelled

The Stittsville Village Association Canada Day fireworks have been cancelled due to the nasty weather:

“Thank you to everyone who came out to our Canada Day celebration in spite of the rain and wind. Extra kudos to our tireless (and soggy!) volunteers and to our sponsors. Our site was hit by a very strong storm cell with incredible lightening and wind that split and felled trees, toppled our portapotties, and destroyed tents. As a result, and with safety in mind, we made the decision to halt activities early, and later, to cancel the fireworks. We will reschedule the fireworks later this summer. Please watch for details and thanks for your understanding.”

The fireworks could be rescheduled for August. For more information about rescheduling visit the group’s Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “Stittsville fireworks cancelled”

  1. I don’t think this was necessary. The storm was long gone since late afternoon, after which there was no further high wind at all, and rain stopped by 9. Kanata enjoyed the fireworks without any trouble. I think people and decision makers should learn how to interpret Doppler radar weather information. This is available to anyone at one can see how long rain will last and when rain will happen. Storm conditions almost only ever happen at that first wave of rain. A weather front. Second waves are almost always calm. This is what happened today. Late afternoon there was this major front that caused strong winds and heavy down pour. But after that it was rain off and on without any major wind. All this was pretty predictable by looking at the Doppler radar animation.

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