Stittsville house goes up in smoke – literally

(The backside of the roof flares up at the 55 Norway Spruce Street fire on May 21, 2021 in Stittsville. Photos: Stittsville Central)

It was not a great start to a long weekend when neighbours saw smoke billowing from the attic area of a home at 55 Norway-Spruce in Stittsville and placed numerous calls to 911. The sirens were heard throughout the community and fire crews arrived on scene around 5:30pm on May 21st. Ottawa Police Sgt. Michael Cathcart “was just turning onto Stittsville Main from Fernbank Road when he saw the smoke and was first on the scene” he told this editor. Shortly thereafter fire crews from Stations 81 and 46 arrived after the several 911 calls had been made. Ottawa Police were present to direct traffic; Ottawa Paramedics to ensure the fire crews were hydrated and provided extra masks, among other items. Ottawa Hydro quickly disconnected the main line into the house and Enbridge the gas line.

Hoses were connected to fire hydrants from one end of the street to the other. The oxygen tanks of the firefighters were constantly ‘chirping’ – with the heat and fast-paced work of the fire crews, the supply of oxygen is quickly depleted. But throughout the noise and hard work of the crews, there seemed to be a calm from onlookers.

Upon asking if any residents were present or got out safely, neighbours were quick to say that no-one lived in the house. They also made comments that they have complained to authorities about the waft of marijuana in the air and surmise the house may have been some sort of grow-op.

Ottawa Fire believe that the fire started in the garage area of the home, but that has yet to be determined. Being on scene of this fire, firefighters expressed concern about the potentially hazardous chemicals on the premises and the toxicity of the air from the fire.

The fire was intense at times, but with a roof and ground attack of water, the fire was brought under control. Firefighters are remaining on scene to douse hot spots. The cause of the fire is under investigation. These photos below capture some moments from the fire at 55 Norway Spruce Street.

This evening, Ottawa Fire Services released this press release on the fire. “Ottawa Fire Services received multiple 911 calls at 17:33, reporting smoke and flames visible from the home. Based on the information received, a working fire was declared before crews arrived on scene. Upon arrival, firefighters confirmed heavy smoke coming from the attic of a single family home. The fire quickly escalated, where flames prevented firefighters from making entry right away. Initial flames were knocked down enough for crews to make entry to search the premise. An Under Control was broadcast at 18:58, with a Loss Stopped at 19:04. Fire crews remain on scene to douse flare ups and hot spots. A Fire Investigator is currently on scene. There are no firefighter or civilian injuries.

We would like to thank our partners at Ottawa Police Services, Ottawa Paramedics Services, OC Transpo, Enbridge, Hydro.”


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  1. My spouse and I could smell a chemical type smell in the area of Bryanston Gate. We looked for houses on fire in our neighborhood and could not see any. The wind must have carried the smell our way. Unfortunate for the home owners.

  2. Now, 55 NORWAY SPRUCE STREET is on sale. Hope they are providing a full disclosure about the fire, chemicals and more.

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