Stittsville Land Keepers host inaugural event – celebrate Kemp Woodland

Jessie Lozanski created the Wild Stittsville guide that can be found at several locations in Stittsville and has now created a group entitled Stittsville Land Keepers (SLK). The group members are dedicated to conservation and community building in Stittsville. As well, SLK works towards the maintenance of our natural spaces, educating the public and fighting for the protection of our most unique ecosystems.

Some of the tasks that SLK will take on are: clean-ups, hosting events, such as that on October 30th, and, working towards the protection of the Goulbourn wetland amongst other natural features of Stittsville.

Kemp Woodland. Photo by Coreen Tyers
(The old growth trees of the forest found in Kemp Woodland. Photo: Stittsville Central.)

Jessie told Stittsville Central, “I believe that with the isolation of the Covid pandemic, paired with a culture in which people’s lives rarely revolve around where they live, people are missing a sense of place. This sense is developed through connections to their community and to the natural world. I am hoping with the Stittsville Land Keepers to help rebuild those connections and create a strong community that will stand up for the interests of the people and all other organisms that call Stittsville home“.

As Jessie has emphasized, connections are important and connection to the biodiversity in our own backyard is extremely important.

With this in mind, the Stittsville Land Keepers are holding a celebration of Kemp Woodland on October 30th for the public to discover the woodland and find out more about SLK. It takes place from 10:00am – 1:00pm and parking is available at the Sacred Heart High School parking lot. The event is free, but due to Covid restrictions, SLK asks that you register on Eventbrite.

The day will begin with a general clean-up of the woodland area, followed by a guided tour through the forest with tree expert and educator, Owen Clarkin at 11:00am. Starting at 12 noon, there will be scavenger hunt for all with prizes to be won. If you collect seeds, the Ottawa Wildflower Seed Library will be on-hand from 11:00am – 1:00pm giving out free seeds that are native to Ontario or Québec.

Stittsville Land Keepers are always looking for new members. You can join on the SLK facebook group page or send an email to to express your interest.

Jessie would also love to hear from you with your ideas for conservation projects, partnerships or future events.


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