Stittsville Lions Club annual fundraiser fills the food hampers at Stittsville Food Bank

(The Stittsville Lions Club presented their Annual Fundraiser donation to the Stittsville Food Bank on December 17, 2021. L to R: Brenda Lewis, Theresa Qadri, Beth Lewis, Ron Armstrong. Photo: Stittsville Central)

The Stittsville District Lions Club have been holding their Annual Fundraiser for several years. After choosing a cause to support, they send an appeal letter to local businesses and residents asking for a donation. This year was no different – the Stittsville Lions chose the Stittsville Food Bank to help fill the Christmas hampers.

This year the Stittsville Lions raised $6,015 through their annual fundraiser. This donation could not have been possible without the generosity of Stittsville’s local businesses and residents.

COVID-19 has affected many families and the need for help would require more support from the Stittsville Food Bank. “Families are suffering and finding it most difficult to make ends meet. Still, food has to be put on the table.”

Upon receiving this generous donation, Theresa Qadri, Chair of the Stittsville Food Bank, said, “The generosity of Stittsville is unbelievable and this donation will go a long way in helping the many families in our community…I can’t thank the Lions, residents and businesses enough for your support.”

Knowing that January is a difficult time for the food bank, the Lions will be donating the balance of donations received at that time. Donations are still gratefully accepted. Should you wish to donate, contact the Stittsville Lions at or leave a message at 613-836-4964.

The Stittsville Lions thank everyone for their kind donations and support to help them make a difference in someone’s life during this Christmas Season.


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