Stittsville Lions Club member named national volunteer by Diabetes Canada

Marilyn Southall can be found at every Stittsville Lions Club bottle drive for Diabetes, in particular, she champions the Case for Cure. She is the A4 District Lions Committee Chair for Diabetes and was recently named as Ottawa’s Ambassador for Diabetes.

Wherever Marilyn goes, she shares her message, “Think of the 11 million Canadians who are living with Diabetes – 422 million worldwide – a growing epidemic. We must never give up our Hope and Faith that a CURE will be found in honour of Banting & Best – Together We Will End Diabetes.”

Her message and support of Diabetes Canada has earned her the appreciation deserved for her efforts in the fight against Diabetes. Marilyn was selected as one of 17 recipients from across Canada to receive the 2020 National Volunteers of the Year Award.

Ellen Stensholt, National Awards Review Committee Co-Chair, in a letter wrote, “This prestigious award is given to those those who have gone above and beyond in supporting the work of Diabetes Canada…We truly appreciate your passion for this cause and your dedication to helping improve the lives of Canadians who are living with diabetes or prediabetes.”

The ever-positive Marilyn, has seen personally how Diabetes played a role in her own life. Her husband, Joe, was diagnosed with the disease leaving him bedridden and passing away at age 64 from kidney failure. Her mother also succumbed to Diabetes, having had both legs amputated and was confined to a wheelchair. The disease destroyed her organs.

Marilyn tells us, “I have spent most of my life seeing Diabetes wreak havoc on a person’s life and it continues to do so each day.”

For all of her tireless work, Marilyn is deservedly recognized. The next time you see Marilyn at the Stittsville Lions Hall collecting those empties for Diabetes, take the time to congratulate her and remember the cause that is held close in her heart.



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