Stittsville Lions pick Dunrobin tornado relief for annual fundraising campaign

At this time of year, the Stittsville District Lions Club conducts its Annual Fundraising Campaign, raising funds to help the less fortunate.

The club supports various groups such as the Stittsville Food Bank, Salvation Army, Ruddy-Shenkman Hospice, local hospitals, children’s camps for; Blind, Diabetic, Cancer and patients on dialysis as well as local sports teams. We also support individuals such as post-secondary students with scholarships, people in need of basic utilities and those in need of glasses, special foot wear, expensive drugs and much more.

This year the money raised will be used to support the Dunrobin Assistance Fund to help our neighbours that were affected by the recent tornado. The storm is long gone but the need for help is not.

For a minimum donation of $125, received before November 24, 2018, we will recognize your support with a personalized sign displayed at the Village Square Park at Abbott and Stittsville Main Street. The Stittsville Lions club takes care of hanging the Christmas lights throughout the park. We hope you enjoy them.

Your cheque made payable to the Stittsville District Lions Club will be greatly appreciated. If you take the time to write the cheque, I will take the time to pick it up – just call or email.

Darryl Metzger is chair of the Stittsville Lion’s annual fundraiser committee. He can be reached by phone, (613) 831-8028, or email


1 thought on “Stittsville Lions pick Dunrobin tornado relief for annual fundraising campaign”

  1. But how are they going to decide who gets the money, and WHEN? Right NOW I want to see money GIVEN to families/single people who are currently homeless and still having to pay a mortgage on something they don’t have WHILE paying to rent or pay a hotel because their insurance money has not come through yet. I understand that money will be required in the future for mental health issues etc. But right NOW, should I donate money, I want the money to go to these people already mentioned. How will that be handled?

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