Stittsville man drops phone, gets a selfie from tennis star Eugenie Bouchard

Taylor Fahey drops his cell phone for Eugenie Bouchard

(Above – Taylor Fahey is about to drop his phone as Eugenie Bouchard exits the court at the Australian Open. Photo via @pabs613)

A 23-year-old from Stittsville managed to get tennis star Eugenie Bouchard to take a selfie on his cell phone at the Australian Open last week.

Taylor Fahey and his friend Pablo Juarez were at one of Bouchard’s Australian Open match last Wednesday. As Bouchard left the court through a player’s tunnel, Fahey dropped his cell phone down to Bouchard.

Here’s how he described what happened to Team 1200 Radio in an interview last week:

“We were sitting there right beside the players tunnel. After the match she had her interview at centre court, and she was going to leave sing some autographs. As she was going through the tunnel and about to leave I called her name, she looked at me. I thought ‘why not’. I threw my cell phone down, she caught it with one hand, like a good athlete, and took a selfie for us, and passed it back up.”

A few minutes later, Juarez tweeted the photo:

Fahey is pictured here on the left side of the right panel in this tweet. Juarez is on the far right. Fahey is working in Australia at the Melbourne Royal Golf Course.

Eugenie Bouchard herself later replied, via Twitter:


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