Stittsville Mom offers free virtual yoga classes to help with pandemic woes

(Julie Fournier-Elrefaie is offering free 2-week yoga classes virtually to stay healthy during the pandemic.)

Julie Fournier-Elrefaie knows well what it is like to change direction in one’s life. In 2014 her husband was seriously injured in a car accident that has left him with long-term health problems. Julie had to take on the role as caregiver, along with being a Mom, and running a household – all while working outside the home.

She found herself seeking an avenue where she could spend more quality time with her family and began creating jewellery using semi-precious stones and crystals. She left her office job to concentrate on her family and new home based business. She also took up meditation and yoga to keep herself calm and healthy. Enjoying yoga, Julie enrolled in a training program to receive her certification to teach. Visit Julie’s healing jewellery on her website In Balance Jewellery.

(Just one of Julie’s healing necklaces. She also creates bracelets. All of her jewellery is created using semi-precious stones and crystals.)

Julie told Stittsville Central that, “I’ve been noticing that many of us are struggling with feelings of isolation, powerlessness and irritability. We certainly are experiencing Covid-fatigue. So, I decided to offer some free virtual yoga classes to our community moms.” Julie is offering 2 weeks of free classes on Monday evenings and on Fridays during lunchtime. She added, “this offers an opportunity for us all to do some yoga – together – and add a bit of positivity to our community.” You can sign-up for Julie’s free yoga classes on her website Live Your Balance.

Julie also began writing a blog last year that provides inspiration for others. During these uncertain times, Julie said, “this motivated me to finally finish the wellness website I’ve been working on for a while now.” Julie shares her positive thoughts and outcomes on depression, caregiver stress and healing to name a few. These articles will assist in keeping our mental health in check. You can visit here to read Julie’s reflections.


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