Stittsville on Patrol breaks record – seriously

(Not to give anything away – the ‘Star’ of Stittsville on Patrol, Ben Milks, alongside Chris Phillips (former Sens ‘Star’ and now an ‘Extra’) flaunt their new hats.)

The team at Stittsville on Patrol (SOP) are having fun promoting their scripted comedy series made up of twelve 5-minute episodes. How else would a community TV show get any attention? They were resourcefully crafting a carefully worded press release praising the ‘fake news’ ratings received after SOP’s first airing. The exaggerated exercise was all for naught!

As they were about to go live to media outlets, they actually received, “a sincere email from Bell Fibe TV1” says Christopher Redmond, telling the SOP team that – “Stittsville on Patrol broke Fibe TV1 viewership records in its first week!

How many people actually tuned in? They didn’t say, so we won’t make it up. But it is the most they’ve ever had ever in week 1. There are over a million households in Canada that have access to Bell Fibe, where all TV1 shows are available to watch for free, on demand.

Most importantly: this is NOT a local Ottawa record. It’s for the whole channel, which has been around for eight years. Bell Local was rebranded as TV1 in 2015, and is available across Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada.

Now don’t you wish you had watched the show? There’s still time!
The first episode is still available to watch on Youtube, and has over 10,000 views.

You can follow SOP at this link –  Stittsville on Patrol and at their Facebook page.


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  1. This is a totally unfunny…Last thing we need to see is a disturbed “White guy” going around our neighborhoods. Surely they could have better represented minorities and those living with disabilities in this show. Everybody in our family and friends say that is not worth watching…Better luck next show CTV.

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