Stittsville on Patrol takes its season 2 audience to a whole new level

Everyone tuning in to Season 2 of Stittsville on Patrol are guaranteed another hilarious season of bylaw enforcement antics. This upcoming season sees Stittsville on Patrol taking the series lower – really low! See for yourself watch the three exclusive sneak peak trailers below.

Season 1 was a hit, so of course TV1 rushed back to the well for more. Bad idea. Stittsville on Patrol ended up in the sewer. But you can’t blame our community television overlords.

The first season of Stittsville on Patrol debuted to the highest ratings in FibeTV’s history – across Canada – and barely scratched the surface of suburban delinquency.

In this new season, Simon Bauche, played by Ben Milks, goes deep undercover – and underground – to return Stittsville to its former glory and save Ottawa’s best suburb from every single Shawn.

“This time, we went places you can’t even imagine if you aren’t a delusional hero,” says series creator Christopher Redmond. “Ben went there, though. Quite easily.” Season 2 has it all – Gangs, Poison, Bombs, MILFs, Aliens.

Simon believes danger pay is in order and told Stittsville Central, “all I know is that I’m upset that the students filming the show got paid and I didn’t, even though I am the one who put myself in harms way. The atrocious crimes committed this season were double the trouble compared to Season 1. Yet, Stittsville remains stable. Because of me. Not because of those Spielberg wannabes from Algonquin College. There should be a statue of me. Right outside of Quitters Coffee Shop.” Be careful what your wish for Ben, someone could be working on that statue as you read this!

“Buckle up. Twice,” says Christopher. Each episode of the action-packed emotional rollercoaster follows self-appointed neighbourhood watchman Simon Bauche further down the rabbit hole of creating Canada’s safest community.

Don’t miss Season 2 of Stittsville on Patrol – it premieres September 15, 2021. This season there are 12 five-minute episodes exclusively aired on Bell Fibe TV1.

To discover more about this zany show, actors and crew, visit the website, follow them on the official SOP Facebook and Twitter pages. If you didn’t catch the first season, all episodes are available on YouTube!


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